From:Claude Electronic:ahenthus -A-
Subject:RE: Birtch white panel on gas tanks Date:Mon Mar 7 00:36:32 2011
Response to:15414
I'm not sure what you want but maybe I can point you in some sort of direction. The 55ST only came in solid colors. If you're looking for correct, go with solid in a correct color for a 55ST and use the proper decal. If you're not stuck on originality check out Lawrence Willis' 56ST (same as a 55ST) on the members page. It's a great looking alternative to stock that looks like it was designed by the factory. It's also in your color scheme.
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Are there certain patterns that should be used when painting a panel on a gas tank, or is that up to the painter. (I know we can do whatever I want, but I am wanting to stay correct to the 55st). I was thinking of just a long oval that was a little larger than the decal. This way the tank would mostly be the Pepper red with a long birch white oval to highlight the decal.