From:John Dutra Electronic:JMDUTRA -A- LIVE.COM
Subject:RE: RE: Hummer happy hour Date:Thu Mar 10 18:39:55 2011
Response to:15164
Gene,imagine my surprise. I'm surfing through the message board and hummer happy hour catches my eye ,reading on I find out that you not only live in northern Ca but in Niles no less.The fact that your just a couple blocks from the Florence means we are neighbors as I live under 4 blocks from the Flo myself.Kind of exciting to meet another Hummer junkie so close by when most people around here have never even heard of the bike. I have a 61 Super 10,how about yourself ?

hey there.
I am in East bay san fran area. I am specifically in Niles, which is part of Fremont, aout 2 blocks from "the florence" which is the local biker bar. You? Gene

Gene, where in N. Ca. are you?