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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Hummer Happy Hour Date:Fri Mar 11 06:34:07 2011
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We did have a Hummer Happy Hour out west - in Pacific Beach, near San Diego. This was way back in 2000.

Kim from Pacific Beach, Harry from Imperial Beach, someone else (name escapes me now) and I met at Hennessey's Bar and Grill in PB. Afterward, Harry invited us over to his home, and we went over to look at his Hummers, but ended up drooling over his Indian Four.

So head on over to "The Flo", have a few beers, talk Hummers, and of course, send us some pictures so we know what you look like! Let's get Hummer Happy Hours rolling on the West Coast.


why all the happy hours in the east???
we (ok, me here in the west want some love too.
Im out here in northern california; duane taylor in oregon, im sure theres more.