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Subject:RE: tips on buying Date:Sat Mar 12 10:20:03 2011
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What year is the Rapido your looking at? I have a couple of '68's that I'm restoring. Pic is of my short tracker. The kick starter is a easy fix. good luck I have seen them go from $100 to $3000 depending on condition.

I am going to an auction and there is a 1953 Hummer there and would like to know what to look for and how much it may be worth. If I could find out the most important parts to make sure they are on the bike. I got a glimps of it and it has the switch on the tank and a HD speedometer so I know it is a HD single 2 stroke and probally a 165. Any advice on what to look for and check would be gereat. I restore bikes but have no experiance with these. I do have 2 125 HD's and 73 and 75 but they of course are way different than the Hummer type. I also know of a nice 125 Rapido and would like to know its worth too. It is complete but a problem with the kickstarter.