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Subject:RE: Correct battery for 1949 Date:Tue Mar 15 11:12:44 2011
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66001-47 is a Harley "H-3" battery, which also fits K and early Sportsters. V-Twin is the only supplier that I know of. Ten years ago, people complained that their batteries only lasted one season. Perhaps the quality has improved since then. Any one had more recent experience?

I think most people use a plastic shell with a smaller battery inside - either a gel-cell or a wet-cell. Duane Taylor sells one, I think Leroy Lange does also. Check the "Parts" section for their contact info.

The H-3 measures 4-3/16 x 3-9/16 x 5-3/8 tall. I've never been able to find anything even close at battery stores - the selection of 6V batteries is pretty slim.

Most of the H-3's have the bar-and-shield log in basic black. The very early ones had Harley-Davidson, etc. in green. Anyone got one? We'd love to have a picture for the "stuff" section.

WISCO was a period aftermarket manufacturer.


Can someone tell me the correct battery for a 1949 Harley 125? Some sites say 6 volt 12 amps, but other experts have told me 6 volt 7 amps.

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