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Subject:RE: Correct battery - NEW Restore Chapter 71 Date:Wed Mar 16 11:42:47 2011
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How To Restore - Chapter 71 - Battery

I started a new chapter in the How To Restore section based on the information we have. We can always change it if we find better information.

If anyone has an "orange" or "black" H-3 battery, we'd really like some pictures. Also, how about some pictures of the "shells" (Duane? Leroy? Others?)

I agree with Mutt that the green battery was early.

On the Model 125/165, the battery is visible, but it's pretty much hidden on the K and Sportster. It seems to me that they would start (1948) with the more expensive case for the visibility, then later cut costs with the less expensive versions, when visibility was less of a factor.

Hummer v. Sportster - Factoids:

Hummers vastly outsold K and Sportsters! In 1952, there were 1987 Model Ks, and 4576 Model 125s. It wasn't until 1960 when Sportster production finally outpaced Hummers - 2765 XLH v. 2488 Super 10s.

K/Sportster production remained steady from 1952 until around 1963, but Hummer production decreased steadily during this period. In 1966, Sportsters took off - with 4800 produced, and kept climbing.

History lesson - Hummers are really cool bikes!

I not too sure that is a date code. I have a NOS H-1?(BigTwin ) battery, with the tag still on it that is dated 1-1-48 and it's green. I believe the orange painted battery came out about 55-56 and the logo battery that the repop case was made from I think came out sometime between 1960-62.

And here's the production date code off the bottom. I think it's 59 and later that are green. What's the code on the bottom of yours Robbie? ... Perry

Actually Dave - I think the green bar and shield are the late ones not very early. Here's a photo of one I have kicking around ... Perry


66001-47 is a Harley "H-3" battery, which also fits K and early Sportsters. V-Twin is the only supplier that I know of. Ten years ago, people complained that their batteries only lasted one season. Perhaps the quality has improved since then. Any one had more recent experience?

I think most people use a plastic shell with a smaller battery inside - either a gel-cell or a wet-cell. Duane Taylor sells one, I think Leroy Lange does also. Check the "Parts" section for their contact info.

The H-3 measures 4-3/16 x 3-9/16 x 5-3/8 tall. I've never been able to find anything even close at battery stores - the selection of 6V batteries is pretty slim.

Most of the H-3's have the bar-and-shield log in basic black. The very early ones had Harley-Davidson, etc. in green. Anyone got one? We'd love to have a picture for the "stuff" section.

WISCO was a period aftermarket manufacturer.


Can someone tell me the correct battery for a 1949 Harley 125? Some sites say 6 volt 12 amps, but other experts have told me 6 volt 7 amps.

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