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Subject:RE: RE: carb curvature Date:Thu Mar 17 08:57:31 2011
Response to:15460
Bob, the castings are zinc. I straighten them every time I get one in to restore. I use a 12 ton hydraulic press. Don't get stupid with it, just press it down (flange side down) until the flange is flat, then just slightly more pressure and you will be fine. AFterwards, just face it on a sheet of 220 grit sandpaper layed on a flat surface.

If I can find someone that will film it for me, I would like to make a video of a complete MT carb restore. It would include stripping the carb completely, including the welch plug over the idle holes, straightening teh mounting flange, re-bushig,reaming the bushngs for a new shaft, adjusting the float, re-coloring the carb and reassembly and basic adjustment.

Typical aluminum casting problem. Don't try and straighten the tangs, just file the face flat and don't overtighten the mounting nuts at re-assembly.

going through the steps of cleaning my mt82a carb after the winter and i
noticed this curve on the flange (see pic) i assume its from me tightening it down
too much the last time i worked on it. my first thought was that maybe that is
why the mounting gaskets consist of two thin and one thick to possibly make up
for any curvature that may happen over time.
any suggestions on how to correct the curvature. it amounts to about a 1/16"