From:Dr. Pepper
Subject:RE: Eustis Antique Meet Date:Fri Mar 18 11:27:43 2011
Response to:15486
Sorry Joe,we got there on thur. the 3rd,an stayed untill sat. night-that was 3 full days and 2 nights of the swap sat. night every one packed up and we were the only ones left in the field--in the dark.It seems you got there late,(the meet ended at noon,that gave you 1hr and 15min.there) but the good news is there is hot dogs and beer left over,whats your address and I'll send you some

Finally home from my trip down south. Had a great time. I did go to Eustis on Sunday the 6th. I was there at 10:45 a.m. I could not believe what I saw.....EVERYONE was packed up ready to go home. Could not spend my $$. People were there for the bike showing and judging but no parts vendors. No Hummer Club was to be found, someone owes me a beer!!!