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Subject:RE: RE: $ value of a 1955 165ST with windshield, crashbars, toolbox? Date:Tue Mar 22 06:35:41 2011
Response to:15515
Dennis ---At the bottom of that page it has that it was last updated Feb-7-2006 . Those prices are 5 years old if I read it right . Hard to compare what it may be selling for on EBAY now with prices that are 5 years old .

go here to get an idea of ebay prices

I am an old card-carrying ;) Hummer Club member who is considering selling my bike. What is the difference between a "ST" and a regular bike? I'm assuming that the windshield, crashbars, fender tips and toolbox were options and I imagine they'd go for a good price if sold individually but how much dollar value do they add to a stock bike? I see even Elvis didn't have fender tips..

The bike was running years ago and has some new wiring but the gas tank has a little rust inside and we never got that taken care of. I don't have any digital pics right now but I do have regular pics including some of it being ridden. It is painted all black right now but I think it may have been Atomic Blue? originally. (I see some kind of blue paint under the black)
So, without pictures, does anyone have a ballpark figure they could throw at me and is ebay the best way to get the best price??
Thanks in advance.