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Subject:RE: RE: tires Date:Thu Mar 24 20:02:04 2011
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The Goodyears for the Hummer were 2 ply. For the K/Sportster they were 4-ply.

Im in need of the 3.50 x 18 4 ply goodyear tires. Im looking for the goodyear brand not the Lange restos. Thank you

Hey Dave- am going to sell the 1954 golden anniversary model, national first prize winner with 500 original miles or so that I got from travis the hummer nut a while back. Everyone knows what it sold for. I paid shipping and had to pay for total motor rebuild (by Mutt). Got $8K in it. Before I put it on the net,Could I bring it to Oley and post it at the Hummer Club tent? Thanx-Dave 410-456-6620