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Subject:RE: national first prize winner Date:Sat Mar 26 18:41:29 2011
Response to:15548
When I bought the bike from Travis, he included the judging sheet from the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, which documents the judging process where the bike is gone over inch by inch by the judges. Interestingly, one of the few marks against the bike was for having "the wrong seat," even though the seat is the CORRECT, one year only 1954 vinyl type versus leather. The bike still scored a very high 97 3/4 points. I still have the judging sheet from where it was judged at a national meet. The upcoming Oley meet is one such national meet. Also, this was the feature bike in an edition of Hummer News with full page photos and the history of the bike. I have that copy as well.(March-April 1997).

I read with interest the posting (#15541)about the 54ST Golden
Anniversary Model bike that "might" be for sale at Oley, PA.
I am obviously a novice Hummer enthusiast, and am just now
learning about AMCA judging, etc. When Travis Scott sold this
bike some time ago, he apparently represented it as a
"National 1st Prize Winner." I am wondering exactly what that
means. Is there a National AMCA meet where the bike could be
awarded this honor? Maybe Travis or some other Hummer Club
member could explain this.