From:Joep Electronic:joepvandersteen -A-
Subject:Looking for a 125 machine Date:Thu Apr 7 07:35:23 2011
Hi there,

I just finished a M65 machine (one more in the make) and
starting to look into the next project, which should become a
125 CC type of machine which needs some work, no particular
year in mind, but I simply love the model.

Now the biggest problem is I'm in Europe and not many of these
machine popup down here. Just buying on ebay, without a chance
to get a good feeling about the machine, is something which I
would not like to do, so wonder if someone can help me out in
actually buying a machine and making sure that it's safe and
shipped to Holland. Of course I'll compensate if needed for
time and so on

So thanks for the time in reading this and if you are willing
to help me out, let me know