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Subject:RE: RE: help in restoration Date:Thu Apr 7 22:50:50 2011
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Rocky: I got more than just a chuckle out of your posting!
"Is there ANYTHING close to Moab, Utah?" OMG! That's so
Chuck: You've come to the right place for help with your
restoration project. You'll be surprised at the wealth of
first hand experience & information you'll find on this
website. The first thing you might want to do is post a
"before" photo of your bike, and then decide exactly what
you want to do with your bike - What all do you want to do
with it to "restore" it. You can also contact the many
parts & service vendors listed on the "PARTS" page. I,
myself, am a relative novice, and the guys on this site have
been a great help. When I realized that I was short on
time, patience, & mechanical know-how, I decided to turn my
whole project bike over to Bruce Mackenzie for a total
restoration. (Otherwise, it would still be sitting in
pieces in the back of my shed). Mutt was also very helpful
in providing me with information & parts to make my 56B
closer to "Factory Fresh."
But, it sounds like you will be doing it yourself, and you
are still at the right place. Post any & all of your
questions, and someone will pop up with either an answer or
a place where you can find your answer. Good luck with your
Welcome Chuck,
Sorry but I got a good chuckle from your post.

Is there Anything close to Moab, Utah?
Otherthan great camping, WhiteWater Kayaking, Mountain
Biking, and Rock Climbing.....
My brother lives in ParkCity so we get down often.
We did have a Scat in ParkCity for a few years, and I think
there are maybe two other Lightweight Harleys in ParkCity.
Never met anyone, but maybe one of those guys may read the

Sorry no real help.
Good Luck, Ride'm Rocky

Hi all, My name is chuck and I am new to all this p/c
stuff.Don't like change I guess.Butttt I own a 52S hummer
and need help in some restoration work. Yesterday I found
this web site and found a couple of names but was hoping I
might find someone closer to where I live,which happens to
be Moab,Utah. If anyone has any info please send it my
way.The bike isn't in real bad shape,but it doesn't look
like it rolled off the show room floor either.Thanks for
your time.There are some really great looking lightweights
on this web site.Hope I can add another one soon. Chuck