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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Top of tank decal for Model 165 Date:Wed Apr 13 21:34:12 2011
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I know I've seen a picture in some literature that shows the top of the tank, but I can't remember where. I looked through some dealer handouts, a Pacer/Scat Owner's Manual and the 1966 Service Manual, but nothing shows the top of the tank.

Leroy Lange - you've got a bunch of beautiful Pacers and Scats - can you help us out with a picture?


Where to correctly place the Top Tank Decal?
I know apx. where it goes, but my measurements got lost at the Painters. I have seen them located at different locations, maybe on different Years.
I'm working on my 1965 SCAT.
Any measurements from the Gas Cap to top of Decal?
Or bottom of the Tank to bottom of the Decal?

Jerry and Mutt,

I agree with Mutt. Despite the -53 part number, these did not appear until 1959 Model 165's - along with the fuse at the regulator, rubber gas line and big speedometer.

I started a Restore chapter on decals, but then realized that all of the repro tank top decals had the "Harley-Davidson" blanked out, so I couldn't use the images I gleaned off the web.

I believe that Harley-Davidson never actually registered the trademark on a number of things that bear the (R) mark. Remember that for a few years the Model 165 fork panels have (R) next to Tele-Glide? If you go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office web site and do a TESS search, you probably will come up blank if you look for Tele-Glide.

H-D probably intended to register Tele-Glide, but then thought "Why spend $100 (2010 dollars) - who's gonna market a competing hydraulic fork called Tele-Glide"? So they never actually registered the mark.

I wouldn't advise selling merchandise with the Harley-Davidson name on it without permission - they've got that pretty well sewn up.

Personal opinion - I'd rather see a 1959 with no decal than one with a counterfeit decal.


Jerry, the tank top decals came out on the 1959 Models. The reproduction decals don't have the registered trademark on them.

Okay, I'll answer my own question. I remembered that the January 1953 Cycle road test of the 165 is in the How To Restore section. I checked, and there's no tank-top decal on the 1953 165. My guess is that the tank-top decal probably first appeared on the 1955 165 to differentiate it from the new bare-bones Hummer 125.


e-bay vendor Red Raven offers a top-of-gas-tank decal reading "165" and listed as correct for 1953-1959 Model 165. Is this correct for all the years cited?