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Subject:RE: RE: RE: Identification Date:Wed Apr 13 22:07:59 2011
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Front end kind of looks like a Harley rapido.
(inner\outer primary case appears to be FXE shovelhead )

Amy I agree with Dave (& he's one of the best) further the front end & bars are likely from a 175 or 250 Harley about 73-77 (are the bolts on it metric?).

I'd guess this is a 58 (though the serial# could prove me wrong) the earlier bikes had the horn above the chain guard. The frame, engine & front end may have been collected from most anywhere at about any time.

My suspect the way this as a project would be: get the motor going do the running wiring & ride it around the parking lots, back yards & pastures around home. Then gather headlight & tail light with goal of getting it on the road.

Good times, Enjoy yourself..



The engine, frame, rear wheel and various parts are from a Harley Model 165. It could be either 1953 or 1958 - depending on the 2nd digit of the serial number. It's more likely to be a 58 STU than a 53, but you'll have to look closely at the serial number. The last part would be 3104, not 310A.

The gas tank is from a Hummer or later model - it lacks the key switch used on the Model 165.

The front end and handlebars are from some other kind of bike - not sure what - maybe someone else can identify it.

You've got quite a project there. I'd suggest aiming for a cool "rider" rather than a complete restoration. If the front end works well, then find a fender that fits it.


I was wondering if someone could please tell me what model this is? The casting numbers from the engine are:
53 or 58 STU 3104 or 310A. I'm trying to figure out exactally what i have so i can start the restoration process. Any info you may have would be helpful. Thanks