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Subject:RE: RE: HELP - Anyone - 1955 Model 165 literature Date:Fri Apr 15 09:56:50 2011
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Thank you very much - you've solved that mystery. But now that I've put my reading glasses on, I've uncovered yet another mystery!

For 1955, The Legend Begins (TLB) says "Written description for all models but Hummer not available. See order blank for colors." Apparently, they lost a lot of 1955 stuff.

The Season Order Blank (SOB) lists those 5 colors as standard, plus two police only colors.

It then says "SPECIAL DELUXE COLOR - A new color creation for all models HOLLYWOOD GREEN $10 ($7.50)". It goes on "On OHV, the outer chain guard [etc]. On KH, the toolbox [etc] are enameled to match tanks and fenders".

Hollywood Green - SOB specifically says "all models". GES 30143 lists it for "B" (it should say "S", but it makes similar mistakes in other places). I think we have enough corroboration to say Hollywood Green was optional on Model 165.

Below that on the SOB, it says "OPTIONAL - NO CHARGE"
"Any combination of tanks in one color and fenders in another using our standard colors except Hollywood Green, will be supplied at no extra charge. Specify choice desired."

I think the two-tone option for lightweights is still an open question. Here's why.

In years where SOB has a single consolidated color section, it sometimes lists colors that were available on OHV, Servi-Car and KH that were NOT available on the lightweights. Black was often available on these other models, but not on lightweights. Hence my question on Black for 1955 (now resolved).

The 1954 SOB lists a number of two-tone options. But TLB and the Enthusiast 1954 model introduction issue (Sept 53), explicitly state "OHV/Servi-Car/KH only" for two-tone.

For 1955, TLB is silent. The 1958-1966 Lightweight Service/Parts/Colors/Accessories doesn't cover 1955. Color advertising material (such as your brochure) are printed months in advance, so a late decision for optional colors might not be there. I'd really like to see what the Enthusiast's 1955 model introduction issue (Sept 54) says before forming an opinion.

Jerry Hatfield, noted author and Club member #883 has a copy, but he's in the process of moving to a new house, and the boxes won't get opened for another month.

So don't start that two-tone paint job on your 55 ST until Jerry gets unpacked.


Here is a photo of a 1955 Model 165 lititure.

It says the standard colors were

1. Pepper Red
2. Atomic Blue
3. Aztec Brown
4. Anniversary Yellow
5. Black