From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:Colors Update - Attn: Mutt and Robbie (Part 1) Date:Fri Apr 15 21:28:31 2011
Response to:15688
Mutt & Robbie - Thanks for your help!

Iím trying to approach this "correct colors" business on two different angles (1) Factory documentation and (2) Undocumented Anomalies.

This document (link below) is currently pursing (1) Factory Documentation. Once finished, we can start adding (2) Undocumented Anomalies. Read on as to how I think we should approach those.

1) Factory documentation

If someone restores a bike, and the AMCA says "wrong color", the restorer can go back to the AMCA with factory documentation to prove the color is correct.

"Factory documentation" is, of course, a problem Ė there are many errors, omissions and inconsistencies in the various documents. One could use GES 30143 to "prove" that Harley made a model "B" in 1953. It IS factory documentation - but of course, it's a typographical error.

What Iím trying to do now is to consolidate the various factory documents into an Opinion of the Harley Hummer Club, by sorting out the errors and inconsistencies and providing the solid reasoning behind our opinion.

2) Undocumented Anomalies

We all know that Harley-Davidson has made zillions of undocumented or poorly documented anomalies over the years. One concern is whether anomaly X was available to the general public. A favored racer, or a favored dealer might be able to convince the factory to make one or a few specials - but that doesn't mean you or I could get one that way.

I think the best way to approach this is to say "We consider an un-restored original bike with color scheme X to be correct, but do NOT recommend restorers to use this color scheme".

That way we can accept those factory anomalies, but don't go out on a limb saying that color scheme X was available to the general public.

You guys are great! Once we finish goal #1, we can start work on goal #2.