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Subject:RE: 3 Questions for Dave, and other long-time members/founders.. Date:Fri Apr 15 23:01:38 2011
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Once upon a time, the Hummer Club printed and distributed a very fine "newsletter" [...]

My questions are these:

1. When was the very first Hummer Club newsletter printed and distributed?

The first newsletter was published about September 1980.
It is typewritten (on a typewriter) and says at the top
"#1 Welcome to The Harley Hummer Club".

2. When was the 2nd Hummer Club Newsletter printed and distributed?

The second newsletter was published about October 1980.
It was the only one which was handwritten, and starts
"Folks, Just a quick note to tell you that I picked up a
whole bunch of parts recently..."

3. Can you list the very first 10 issues?

The third issue was published about May 1981. It starts "Hello, Since the last newsletter..."

The fourth issue was published around October 1981. It starts "October 1981 - Published Occasionally".

A notable item is the reportage that at the AMCA
Ft. Mott, NJ swap meet
a perfect 47-50 model was going for $1000

The fifth issue was January 1982. It starts "January 1982 - Published Occasionally"

Notable: Bendix-Scintilla magneto drawings and
documentation. Yes, Hummer magnetos first appeared
on aircraft!

The sixth issue was March 1982. This was the first issue to have a newspaper-like masthead. Vol II No 2

Notable: COLOR pictures of members bikes
(yes, COLOR PICTURES - way back in 1982 !!!)
- John Haring, Oley PA, David Portlock, Rifle, CO,
Kevin Beeman, Warren OH, Terry Wicker, Steele, MO,
Sam Satryano, Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks to Mangler for the Hummer Savings Plan Book.

The seventh issue Vol 2 No 3 was May 1982.

Notable: Shop Dope #317 - Model 125 4-brush Generator

The eighth issue Vol 2 No 4 was July 1982

Notable: Cover was carburetor drawing from parts book.
3 pages of parts for sale by Pete Straub, Champlain, NY

The ninth issue Vol 2 No 5 was September 1982

Notable: First issue to have a "Cover Bike" photo
A hand-drawn cartoon by Vic Northey
1950 and 1951 paint colors

The tenth issue Vol 2 No 6 was November 1982

Notable: First Annual Hummer Club Contest
First Prize - Hummer T-Shirt
Second Prize - Free Renewal Membership
Third Prize - Radioactive spark plug