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Subject:RE: RE: speedometer dave hennessey Date:Mon Apr 18 21:31:26 2011
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if you look from center of needle across plate mounting screw on the ones in chapt. 3 it would only read aprox. 50 mph, on my 65 it reads aprox. 56 mph so there must be mech. diff.

I see the difference between that one and the ones in Chapter 3! The eBay seller says the speedo is a -59, but on another auction, he says the cable is a -59A - and they both came off a 1960. Something wrong there.

I think this is going to take a real Topper expert to straighten out. I'm guessing (and it just guessing) the difference between the -59 and -59A is something mechanical - and that the different faceplates are not related - they just redesigned the faceplate to look better.

But I have no way of knowing. We need some Topper experts. Duda - you with us here?


dave this one is on ebay now listed as a 59 not 59a, notice where the milage lines are next to 60mph.