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Subject:RE: RE: RE: speedometer dave hennessey Date:Wed Apr 20 09:56:41 2011
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You are right! I went over to the Harley Topper Club, and saw what they have posted.

I corrected How-To-Restore Chapter 3. Put your picture on the -59A page and Rod Powell's on the -59 page. Moved Greg Van Beek's picture from 59-A to 59. We'll never find the kilometer version (67012-60), so I just left that one out.

The whole point of including the Topper speedos was to show the difference between the Hummer 67000-59 (has tripmeter) and the Topper (no tripmeter).

Check out the differences on the scale between the Hummer and Toppers - the Hummer scale occupies more of a circle than the Toppers.



if you look from center of needle across plate mounting screw on the ones in chapt. 3 it would only read aprox. 50 mph, on my 65 it reads aprox. 56 mph so there must be mech. diff.