From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: RE: I rode my Hummer today - Who Else? Date:Sat May 7 19:09:26 2011
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The only traffic I encountered today was a bunny wabbit who made a left turn in front of me without giving a signal. But he hit the accelerator and got out of the way quick when he saw this powerful Harley-Davidson coming at him pedal to the metal.

Anyone else get out for a ride today?


Funny you should ask Dave,had a simular day myself.
Its a HOT sunny day in Fl.I got tired of working on my race bike, so I took Joe's 48 for a spin,,dont think I made it 3mi---Traffic was backed up behind me and blowing their horns,,one guy gave me the finger as he went by at 75mph--not real sure about these 63yr old machines

It's a beautiful spring day here in Virginia. I got tired of doing yardwork, so I took my 1955 Hummer for a spin. I didn't go too far - maybe three miles - but it's always a thrill to be riding around on 56-year-old motorcycle.

Who else rode today?