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Subject:RE: RE: Hummer won't start Date:Sat May 14 19:08:15 2011
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My bike is a 1964 Pacer. Magneto ignition. Thanks for your reply.

Yours is a 1959 Model 165. The Hummer had a different carburator and electrical system. While we call them all "Hummers", when looking for parts or advice, be sure to call it by its correct name.

Remove the spark plug and lay it on the cylinder head while operating the starter lever with your hand. Closing the garage door so it's dark helps. How's the spark? You should be able to see a spark at the plug - won't be nearly as "hot" as a car would be, but you should be able to see it.

Check the points gap. Should be .020

Are you getting a visible spark? If not, there's something wrong with the electrical system. Replacing the points and condenser might do the trick.

If you've got spark, move on to checking for gas.

Starting procedure: Gas on. Ignition on. The "primer pin" is not a pump - it's just an air hole. Push it down and hold for several seconds. Close choke. Open throttle 1/2 to 3/4. Kick 5 times.

If it doesn't start, kick 5 more times, then remove spark plug. Is it wet? If not, there's something wrong with the carburator.

When I ran my finger inside the gas tank of your 1959 Model 165, I got a lot of white residue. You should probably remove, carefully disassemble, and clean the carburator. The nozzle/main jet area could be clogged with the white stuff.

You should get a service manual - you local H-D dealer can order Part# 99444-93 "1958-1966 American-Made Lightweight Service, Parts, Colors and Accessories" if you can't find one elsewhere. Has nice cut-away views of the carburator, and procedures for disassembly and cleaning.

The Rider's Handbook (owner's manual) is a handy thing to have too. There are a lot of them on eBay right now - for some reason, the 1959's are plentiful.


Please help. Hummer won't start. I replaced spark plug, carb float and drained old gas and refilled. I just bought the bike. Seller delivered in rain and I didn't get a chance to ride it. Any suggestions? Thanks.