From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:I WILL RIDE MY HUMMER THIS WEEKEND Date:Wed May 25 20:46:40 2011

Today's Wednesday, and we've got a long weekend coming up.

Here's the schedule:

THURSDAY: go to the gas station and mix up a 25:1 batch

FRIDAY: Fill the tank, kick her over. Nope? Clean out the float bowl in the carb, and keep kicking. Curse a little.

SATURDAY: Go to the auto parts store, and get a new Champion H-10 spark plug. Kick some more. Curse a lot.

SUNDAY: Tell wife you can't go to church because you've got to get the Hummer running. Check and adjust points. Clean carb again. Check spark plug again.

MONDAY: Remember to turn fuel valve on. Kick again.
Get wife to take picture of your (finally) happy face.
If no wife, ask curious people at local gas station.

TUESDAY: Post picture of happy face on Hummer Exchange

You've got your assignments - now git 'er done!

Dave Hennessey