From:Dana Wassum Electronic:colawnguy -A-
Subject:RE: I WILL RIDE MY HUMMER THIS WEEKEND Date:Thu May 26 02:08:42 2011
Response to:15875
Dave: I've got a slightly different scenario for the
upcoming weekend:
Thursday: Work
Friday : Work
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Get the 56B out of the man-cave (already fueled
with fresh gas/oil mix, (fuel stabilizer added). Turn on
fuel petcock. Full choke. Kick twice (yes, twice). Take
off for my Sunday afternoon ride!
Bruce Mackenzie must have done something right when he
rebuilt the motor for me in 2009!
Monday: Work (Ugh!)


Today's Wednesday, and we've got a long weekend coming up.

Here's the schedule:

THURSDAY: go to the gas station and mix up a 25:1 batch

FRIDAY: Fill the tank, kick her over. Nope? Clean out the
float bowl in the carb, and keep kicking. Curse a little.

SATURDAY: Go to the auto parts store, and get a new Champion
H-10 spark plug. Kick some more. Curse a lot.

SUNDAY: Tell wife you can't go to church because you've got
to get the Hummer running. Check and adjust points. Clean
carb again. Check spark plug again.

MONDAY: Remember to turn fuel valve on. Kick again.
Get wife to take picture of your (finally) happy face.
If no wife, ask curious people at local gas station.

TUESDAY: Post picture of happy face on Hummer Exchange

You've got your assignments - now git 'er done!

Dave Hennessey