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Subject:RE: Quarks, Leptons, Neutrinos, 69001-55A Date:Thu Jun 16 21:37:54 2011
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hopefully pics come across

No one's ever seen a quark, a lepton, or a neutrino - and no one ever will. But perhaps someone's seen a 69001-55A.

While researching the new Horns chapter in How To Restore (chapter 73), I stumbled upon a factoid I'd never noticed before.

The 1955-1959 Hummer had a squeeze bulb horn ("Yoder horn") with part number 69001-55.

The 1960 and later Spare Parts Catalogs show 69001-55A for the Hummer horn. Apparently, Harley superceded the -55 with a new horn after Hummer production ended.

What does a -55A look like? Perhaps it's a different Yoder horn. Perhaps Yoder went out of business, and Harley substituted a different manufacturer's horn. In searching the web, I can't find any references to Yoder horns or Yoder Wolf Whistles after 1959, so this might be the case.

Maybe the -55A is the Higgs Boson of the Hummer world. Or maybe someone's seen one. Speak up if you have!