From:chance Electronic:soulrebel777 -A-
Subject: 62 pacer /blue mountain ride Date:Sat Jun 18 04:18:11 2011
Although ive had the bike a short just runs better the more i ride it ! it seems that senior women recognize the hummer immediately..either they rode one..or were whoooed on one by there man ..most of the local rubs(rich urban bikers) hadn't a clue what it .several tried to sneer,till they realized all honeys were waiting in line for a ride.which i accommodated ! I got the lights to work..not that local cops. really care(god bless em)the front lights sill not that bright..jammed about a hundred miles in 2 days..the bike fly's ..still seems like a large gap between 2nd and third. it drops rpm drastically ? so many upgrades i want to do this ride. but it may compromise the the value of it being original..better just buy my neighbors 55 hummer basket .. gonna runner up to glacier park soon..about 300 miles round will come soon.. bless brother chance