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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Haunting Date:Sat Jun 25 16:06:04 2011
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Ok Dave, keep your head 25 feet away from Hummer exhaust,(things seem to appear) look again in the morning...

Now here is a pic of my 65 "toy hauler", complete with my 65 Scat, they kinda go good together and sure get alot of questions.

Happy Haunting!



Here's a photo I took at Daytona in 1998 - it appeared on the cover of HummerNews.

The flags are all pointing at the guy's face, and his head is cocked a little so that his sunglasses follow the line of the flags. The camper, railing, and truck on the right are all pointing at "Harley-Davidson" on the guy's shirt. His left hand is curled - pointing at Harley-Davidson on the gas tank.

I did roll the bike out where I wanted it, and posed the guy where I wanted him. I did NOT consciously line all these elements up. But I wonder whether my eyes and my un-conscious brain told me where to put everything. Or maybe it was just dumb luck. Probably the latter.


I took some art appreciation classes once.

Dave, your discussion is using the same words as my instructors was trying to teach us, (horizontality & verticality [X & Y Axis]) and using similar concepts of composition as they were trying to impart (Depth of concept Z axis), and using the speculation of the photographers state of mind you've reached beyond a standard 3 dimensional view of the world an entered the "TWILIGHT ZONE" (where's that music coming from).