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Subject:RE: RE: still looking for an answer Date:Mon Jun 27 08:51:47 2011
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A piece of round stock or a drill bit would work OK for a guage.Sometimes,a average of all distances is required,the most important part is to get the mounds welded back in so the drivechain to the rear wheel is in alignment,I would guess.

Doug, I would say your looking at 3/16 toward the front of the motor at its narrowest gap and approx 1/4" at the rear between the bottom of the case and the top of the FOOTPEG TUBE. Its a little tricky due to the cases not running parralell with the bottom tube.
Good Luck , J.D.

I'm having new motor mounts welded onto my frame but neglected to measure the gap between the bottom of the motor and the frame before I removed the old ones. If someone could measure this gap for me on their bike it would be greatly appreciated.