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Subject:RE: Quarks, Leptons, Neutrinos, 69001-55A Date:Sat Jul 2 13:28:09 2011
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Hello Dave--I aquired a 55 Hummer a few years back that appears to have everything the bike could be fitted with when new. Since it has a scant 72 original miles, I am certain that the bulb is the one that a 55 should have. It's mounted on a set of square crash bars and I gave it a quick look over but found no part #. My camera just took a vacation to Mexico along with one of my kids, thus I can't do a photo at this time. If photos are still of use, I will be more than happy to forward a set once the kids return. (In about a week) Additionally, I can provide photos of any component as the bike is complete-free of any debris or rust, and the Harley name is still as bold on the rubber foot pegs as can be. That make providing exceptional quality photos or obtaining numbers (if present) an easy task.So tell me what is desired and I will do my best to help out. John **since I re-read the posting I see that what I have isn't the item in question. Sorry. The offer remains if any pic or # I can find will assist anyone--have a great 4th!
No one's ever seen a quark, a lepton, or a neutrino - and no one ever will. But perhaps someone's seen a 69001-55A.

While researching the new Horns chapter in How To Restore (chapter 73), I stumbled upon a factoid I'd never noticed before.

The 1955-1959 Hummer had a squeeze bulb horn ("Yoder horn") with part number 69001-55.

The 1960 and later Spare Parts Catalogs show 69001-55A for the Hummer horn. Apparently, Harley superceded the -55 with a new horn after Hummer production ended.

What does a -55A look like? Perhaps it's a different Yoder horn. Perhaps Yoder went out of business, and Harley substituted a different manufacturer's horn. In searching the web, I can't find any references to Yoder horns or Yoder Wolf Whistles after 1959, so this might be the case.

Maybe the -55A is the Higgs Boson of the Hummer world. Or maybe someone's seen one. Speak up if you have!