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Subject:RE: title needed Date:Mon Jul 4 10:58:34 2011
Response to:16058
"In Montana"
It starts with a trip to the treasurers office of the courthouse.
They give You two pieces of paper,You choose which one You want to fill out,pick the simplest one for You.
Fill out the paper with Your name and addy,fill out the part about how You came to get said motorcicle/vehicle,have the sherriff or LEO come ove and look at the S/N on the engine,He fills out His portions,You mail said paper off to the DMV in deer Lodge Mt. and within about six or eight weeks they send You the title.DONE.
I can not imagine a state that would not have similar system in place,do some checking,make some calls,it has got to be there, Montana anyhow.

need to get a title. any thoughts or ideas thanks tom