From:Mutt Electronic:pigstye13 -A-
Subject:BBB Date:Tue Jul 12 10:58:44 2011
Response to:16080

I got a response from the BBB against Jim's. Check out what Jim's had to say !!!

07/11/2011 Receive Business Response
Business stated that the customer was only charged tax on one order he received just this year. The company had a new employee and he did not know to not charge taxes. The business states it was for $3.50 and that is reported to the state.

One time and only this year !!!! What a LIE. How many people wrote me and told me they also got charged a "sales tax" and overcharged on shipping? And my $3.50 was "reported to the State" The money went in their pocket. If they did report it to the state, which I find HIGHLY unlikely the State would have to charge them with FRAUD, as it is illegal. It ain't the State's money, it's MY money. If they realized they cheated me, because of a "new employee", why don't they sent the stolen money back to me?
Crooked, I am SURE of it. Something needs to be done. Anyone else care to get in on this BBB deal with me? Just email me and I'll fill ya in with all the details ya need to know.