From:Brent Electronic:CDF959 -A-
Subject:RE: Vidio copied from 8mm movies with hummer Date:Thu Jul 14 23:29:02 2011
Response to:16103
What a wonderful piece of history! Great catch!!!! Teaser here....Ever heard of Emory Roan? Many only saw him from the back...and I'm sure many loaded their bikes back on their trailer when he showed up to race. He's shared his racing history with's sitting right here on my desk. I'll put his words and photo's together soon and post them. I love being the Club Historian....I get to see most things first :-) Ha!

A vid (copied from 8mm movie I'd guess) of "the farm", it contains some pets and a Hummer making circles. Not the best quality but (like the bikes) its a moving image 55 years old.

I'm not related to this.