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Subject:RE: RE: Davenport Date:Mon Aug 8 07:28:42 2011
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WHERE will the Hummer Club Beer Tent be located???
It's the biggest AMCA Event, get to be there.
Travis's spot? Lange's Spot? Jim's Spot?
I'll bring some Brats.


Davenport is the only 4-day event. Thursday and Friday are the best days, but Saturday is good too. Each day is a different swap meet! Sunday is only judging.

The Saturday night banquet is always a treat. I almost always go to the banquet at AMCA meets - it's a part of the meet that most people miss. When you sit down and break bread (or roast beef) with people, that's when friendships get started. Like anything else, the first year you won't know anybody. Next year, you'll run into the people you sat with this year. I've made some friends, and some deals on rare parts at the banquet - not at the flea market.

Have fun. If you run into Wanda Schumaker or Linda Zanetti at the vendor registration desk, tell them Dave Hennessey says "I wish I could be there!"


Anyone planning to be at Davenport this year?

What are the best days to be there?