From:Rocky Electronic:bdfry -A-
Subject:RE: 56 humers Date:Mon Aug 8 14:49:31 2011
Response to:16175
Seller's can Want whatever $'s they want. IMO
That doesn't mean they'll get it, or that's what it's worth. Maybe that's why it's for-sale?
Unless you know the guy. That's what He thinks it's worth, to him.

Only You know the Value of $4,000. to you.
$4,000. means different things to different people.

The pic does show other than 50's Hummer parts.
So I would question if he states "Everythings here to build 3 bikes". Not true.
I did not see a rebuilt Hummer engine. Maybe it was in the one almost complete bike?

Look at all the engine cases, write down all the engine numbers that you can find. We'll let you know which Aermacchi and Hummers are there.
Looks to me like both 2Stroke and 4Stroke Aermacchi's in that pile of parts.

Good Luck

I have a chance of buying 3 humers all in rat shape but all there in boxes, one motor is brand new as in just rebuilt. The man wants 4,000 dollars is it worth it?