From:Doug Miller Electronic:radarsprint -A-
Subject:RE: RE: work stand Date:Tue Sep 27 14:29:11 2011
Response to:16379
Nice stand.

Is the motor mount portion of this stand able to remain on the bike for ride testing? Then when the bike is proven remove the stand adapter removed & replace the motor mount bolts. If so that's a NICE feature.

This worked very well for me,sorry I need to make 3 post but I tried to catch all angles.I started off with a bare frame and just keek adding parts untill bike was 100% finished,even ran it and checked for leaks while it was still on stand before it hit the ground.
I HIT THE GROUND RUNNING and ready to Race

Could someone please send me a picture or sketch of a good work stand I can make to hold an ST165 so I can remove the wheels, or at least one at a time? I have tried some things on my own with not good results. Every time I pull a wheel I end up repainting the frame. I guess I have a mental definicy when it comes to work stands. Please help.