From:Ronny Electronic:ronny.bailey -A-
Subject:RE: METAL SIGN Date:Mon Oct 3 23:35:07 2011
Response to:16324
For what it's worth, I bought one of these signs (yellow top of sign with a red and black bike) about five years ago off eBay. It looks brand new and I paid around $15 for it.

Some years ago I bought an enameled metal photo of a 1951-52 Harley 125 like the reak one I bought in 1953. The picture is very good, and would answer a lot of questions for restorers. The panel was sold and manufactured by Ande Rooney, Inc.,, item #2010101. I wonder if any of you have one of these. If you go on their website they have a number Harley’s in their current catalog but I couldn’t find the 125 Harley.