From:Mike Electronic:michael.schmitt-A-us,
Subject:RE: Goin to a show-questions to follow Date:Tue Oct 4 22:39:53 2011
Response to:16399
Two things: we want pictures (both then and now) and you should definitely show the bike. It would be even better if you rode it once in a while, all of the above would make your dad proud and complete the tribute. Don't let it sit in the corner of the garage and let the gas go bad!

Mutt restored my 52 six years ago or so. This was a tribute to my late father, but friends were telling me to enter it into shows. After about a year, the gas went bad and I didn't mess with it any more...the tribute was complete.
Fast forward to two days ago. Some hunting friends got their limit on the first day and needed something to do. They're both motorheads and came over Sunday morning while I was asleep. They cleaned out the carb and (finally!) woke me up to ask about the oil/gas mixture.
It was running again in about 10 minutes, but the batt is dead so it couldn't be ridden.
That's one of the many subjects I plan to ask about very soon.
So here I go...I can post pics of the bike now or when Mutt finished with it if anyone would like.
For right now, a tip of a felt top hat to Mutt. You made my dreams come true, and I am forever grateful.