Subject:RE: What is a Harley Hummer to you? Date:Sun Oct 9 11:00:46 2011
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Great topic and post, so good in fact that it's got me to make my first post after ten or more years of reading here on a weekly basis. I am the care taker of a 1956 ST165 in champion yellow that has been in my family since purchased new by my father in Nov of '55. This bike was my introduction to the world of Harley-Davidson and has been with me since 1982. The story begins in 1934 when both my grandfather and grandmother were both employed at the H-D Juneau Avenue factory on the same day April 27. They did not know each other at their time of hiring and developed their relationship while going to and from work. They wed in 1938 which ended grandma's time at H-D working in the electrical department assembling spark plugs and ignition coils. My grandfather worked in the Experimental Department as a test rider and mechanic, he was also active in the AMA and Bill Knuth's Milwaukee Motorcycle Club. Back to the "Hummer" story, in 1955 through either the company picnic or a company raffle a 125 Hummer was awarded. The winner was not interested in the cycle, and my father was looking to purchase a H-D lightweight. My grandfather and the 125 winner went to the H-D office to work a sale of the voucher for the cycle. In the end my father and grandfather upped the ante and ended up with the ST165 I have proudly owned for 29 years and counting. I have the original H-D receipt for the purchase price of $360.00 which included chrome wheels and the optional rubber mounted high handlebars. The cycle ended up with my grandfather when my father left for college and he used it to commute when he didn't have a factory bike to ride. He even fabricated a bolt on third wheel he would put on in the winter months, wish I had a photo of that. The bike has modifications as you would expect from a tinkerer and factory employee, magneto, tillotson, later speedo and chrome headlamp housing but that's all part of the family charm and character. Grandpa passed in 1980 and the cycle was left in my care. It was the first H-D that I owned and I have been a H-D rider and enthusiast ever since. Sorry for the long post and being a hang-around for so long. Maybe we can use some of this to complete a members page and I will follow up with some photos. Thanks for this site and the contributors.