From:Mutt Electronic:pigstye13 -A-
Subject:RE: Need a new battery...where and which one? Date:Tue Oct 11 22:23:40 2011
Response to:16443
Ronny email me. I tried to email ya, but the mail kicked back. I'll fix ya up on the battery

I'm going to put off reviving this old battery for now.
The show is in less than two weeks and I want to be able to let folks hear it run.
I've never seen a 6v motorcycle battery for sale anywhere, so I need your help finding one. Willing to travel to Houston this weekend to get one, if needed, but I work on Bryan/College Station,TX. Most all of the 'major' parts chains are there. Can yall give me a brand name and model number of one I can get?
If rejuvenating this battery is possible, it will have to wait until later. For now, I'd like to have the bike shown as a running vehicle instead of having to make excuses for it.
Never entered anything in a show before, but I've been to a lot. It would be disappointing if something as neat as a '52 Hummer couldn't be started up so I could just hear it run.
Thanks to all of you.