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Subject:RE: L&L S-3 carb Date:Tue Oct 18 22:21:54 2011
Response to:16472
Ray, here is a pic of a Linkert S3 all in pieces. I'm not sure exactly what you need to know about an S3 but, yes, it is the correct carb for your ST 165. There is a good chart in the How to Restore section of this website but no pictures. The little Linkerts were all very similar in appearance, the difference was in size. The S1 used on the 48-52 Model S 125cc bikes had a smaller diameter bore, the slide in the S1 was about 0.70". The S3 carbs had larger slides, just over 3/4" at about 0.76" and the inside diameter of the section which fit over the intake tube on the engine cylinder was slightly under an inch, about 0.97".
There are no external numbers or identifying marks on the outside of the carburetor body casting on either one, the Linkert model identifier was stamped on the top of the float bowl cover, I'll post that picture separately.
Hope this helps.

Does anyone have a picture they could email to me of an L&L S-3 carb. Also, is it the correct carb for a '56ST. Thanks again, always for all of the clubs help.