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Subject:RE: The reason for the Club Date:Wed Nov 9 15:25:59 2011
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Puts a smile on my face too!

Boone used live in Maryland near me - there was a bunch of guys with motorcycles who would meet at Trav's on Saturday and Sunday afternoons - almost 40 years ago.

Trav's was a unique place. You could go inside and buy beer by the bottle, or you could buy a six-pack to go, and sit on their front porch and drink it. Guess what we usually did?


You're working on a project. That project happens to be a resurection of a memory....a bike that hauled your little butt here and there. You decide to 'do it' no matter the cost or obstacles. You put out a call on the 'Exchange' on a hard to find part. Sometimes you wait....sometimes you get lucky.... When I got the piston I was looking for I had the same look on my face as Boone!...but there wasn't anyone at the time to take the photo. Thank you Dr. Pepper for sending this to me! Dave? Thanks for making this site happen.