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Subject:RE: hummer value Date:Mon Dec 5 12:04:42 2011
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You've got a rare jewel there. I've owned a bunch of these things, and in my opinion, the 1951 - 1952 Model 125's are the prettiest of them all.

The 1948-1950 are a little more "antiquey" looking, although the rubber band front end works surprisingly well.

The 1953 - 1959 Model 165s have more horsepower to haul our middle-aged pot bellies around, but to me, the carb covers and larger regulator detract from the "cohesive" look.

The 1955-1959 Hummer and 60-62 Pacer/Scat/Ranger (and 55-59 165 too) have a nice rounded exhaust pipe, but the hole where the battery should be detracts from the looks.

The 1963-1965 (and earlier) bikes had some stunning paint colors, and the 175 screams compared to a 125cc. But the spring frame (although much more comfortable) doesn't look quite as "classic".

Of course, the 1966 Bobcat is in a class by itself.

The 1951-1952 look like an artist conceived the design - the components are all in the right place and the lines just "flow". The 1951 has a slight edge - the speedometer is a little nicer than the 1952's.

To answer your question, take a look at the Stuff section under "eBay - Blessing or Curse". These prices are at least 5 years old, maybe more, but you can see that they're all over the place. You'll have to track some bikes on eBay and see what they actually sell for - to know what today's market brings.

I wish I had some extra bucks, I'd love to have another 1951 - I sold mine at least 10 years ago.

How about some pictures?


Have a 1951 Hummer. Never been started. Two miles on odometer from being pushed around garage. Nubs still on tires. Chrome luggage rack. Chrome horn. Pristine. Any idea of it's value? Original manual.