From:John Dutra Electronic:JMDUTRA -A- LIVE.CO
Subject:RE: insurance Date:Thu Dec 8 11:57:25 2011
Response to:16617

My 55 ST is almost done so I am in the process of getting it
registered and insured. Can anyone recommend a good insurance
company. Not just for price, but good reputation. I use USAA
for all my insurance needs and I live them. However they
don't do motorcycles anymore, they recommend Progressive.
When calling Progressive they told me I would be better off
with a company that deals with antiques. They said that they
would insure me with liability, but if I wanted full coverage
they have a weird policy. Say I can get the bike appraised
and it appraises for 5k. They sell me insurance based on that
5k. If I got in an accident and their adjuster says no I think
it is only worth 1k, then that is all they would pay me.
Does anyone have a company they have liked working with?