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This looks like another candidate for Members Pages"
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Iím glad I bought that Harley 125. I was 13 then, now 71.

I'm glad you get to ride with your friends through life.

//my story

My mom a nurse & dad a doctor were determined that none of
their kids would ride those "Motorcycles". But had forgotten
that they had ridden when in college.

My first 125 was a 51 I bought through a classified ad for
$35 in 1966. the generator wouldn't generate and old gas,
you know how it goes.

I pushed the bike a mile up hill to a friends garage. Over
the next week I got a battery took the carb apart 3-4 times
got it running but couldn't get the armature to have
continuity so I rewound it (I Learned some lessons from slot

The early evening I got the generator going my friends
father came down and gave me the clue about polorizing the
thing, but I was late for dinner. I but my helmet on and
rode home. Expecting the fan to come out---- I didn't think
it could get any worse so I propped a plank to the front
porch and parked the bike in the living room and walked to
the bathroom to wash.

Raising my eyes on sitting to eat It was apearent that the
parents weren't at the table but were looking over the
little bike on the living room floor.

"Sure the key is in it, helmet is on the seat." and off they
went, one at a time riding around the intersection, block,
neighborhood. I sat through my dinner knowing I'd get to
keep the bike, they had taken their honeymoon on 48 Harley

I'd chosen the only bike they could NOT argue against. Over
the next couple of years I'd come home often to find the
tank on reserve when I knew there was much more than that in
there last night.

I've had bigger bikes and gone faster but settled on a 350
Harley/Aermacchi as my road bike. the Freeways just need
more --- around town the model S carries me well.