Subject:RE: 1st time start help Date:Mon Dec 19 00:01:45 2011
Response to:16671
What are you trying to start? If you have spark then your problem is fuel. The wing-type fuel petcocks are notorius for either not shutting off, or not flowing fuel. If your bike has a Linkert carb all you need to do is press down on the "tickler" rod on top of the float bowl until you see fuel flooding out the top, set the choke, and kick it until it starts. If you have a Tillotson carb it is a lot harder to tell if you have fuel in the carb. More info please on what bike you have.

need help cranking for first time. won't stary. have spark. would anyone care to help me out, give me some things to check, possibly give a phone # to call you/