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Subject:RE: RE: RE: oil can holder Date:Mon Dec 19 20:11:35 2011
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Yes Dave, I have these decals in stock but I have a question of interest.

It took the decal guy about 15 minutes to complete this task, figure out how he did it so fast,(original can was scanned)and I will send you a free dacal.

Al Lyons: Shush...

Leroy Lange

You wouldn't want to clamp down on a real oil can - they're pretty rare - and $$$ when you do find them.

To solve the problem, someone made up some vinyl decals, and found some tin cans that were the same size as the original oil cans. That was years ago and I have no idea who it was.

Will the guilty party please step forward? The decals are easy enough to get done, but the artwork is hard - how do you scan a round can?


Part number is 91840-56 which sorta tells you that it came on the scene about 1956. If you mount one on your bike you also (if you want to be period correct) need to be careful about which type of oil can you clamp in it, there where both the flat-top (needed a "church-key" piercing type opener) and a "cone-top" with a twist off cap, depending on the year they were available.

what year did the oil can holder come into the picture & what was its part number?