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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: 1st time start help Date:Thu Dec 22 12:55:16 2011
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Attack one problem at a time. If it starts, the timing is close enough for now. Running only for a few seconds is either (a) not opening the choke quickly enough, or (b) running out of gas.

On my Hummer (different carb), I have to open the choke as quickly as possible or it will stop running. I think the 51's are not quite so touchy, but still...

Take off the metal gas line and substitute a hose running into a can or other container. Turn on the petcock and see if it flows continuously or if it stops after a few seconds. The fuel valve has a screen on the top (inside the tank) - it may be clogging, especially if the inside of the tank is rusty.

If so, you have to drain all the gas out and unscrew the petcock to clean the screen and flush out the bottom of the tank. If gas flows well, don't mess with it.

While you've got the fuel line off, take off the top of the float bowl and look to see if there's any dirt or crud in there that might be clogging things up. Anything that gets through the screen ends up in the bottom of the float bowl.

While you're trying to get it started, it doesn't hurt to have an extra spark plug or two handy in case you really flood it. They're Champion H-8 which are usually available at the auto parts store for about $3.

Just to be sure - you are using gas/oil at 25:1 mix???



It is a 1951 s125. Got it to start, but will only run about4-5 seconds at most, then dies. Most of the time, runs only 1 or 2 seconds. Checked the petcock, it is junk. I wiggled the wing on it and pressed down on the tickler and got fuel to overflow the bowl. seems to have made it worse. Maybe flooded it??? Of course, I've been playing with the timing also. I think I have a dual problem--gas and timing. looks like I need an oe petcock.