From:EDD McGrath Electronic:whenisell -A-
Subject:WAXING POETIC Date:Sat Dec 24 23:13:32 2011
As I reflect on my life (71 years old now) I find that the influences that formed my life were can be traced back into the roots of my life. There are strings of influence that began early in life. One of those strings for me was the event of buying my Harley 125 in August 1953 when I was thirteen. That event is directly responsible for our Christian mission efforts to provide motorcycles for ministers in third world countries. So far we have given way over 4,000 motorcycles in over 90 countries. As a bonus the Lord has allowed my wife Janet and me to travel all over the US and some other countries on our motorcycles. We have “motorcycle” friends all over the USA and a number or other countries. We are so blessed and for us it all started on a small farm in Illinois on a Harley Davidson 125. Blessings on the Hummer Club.