From:Alan Electronic:host -A-
Subject:AMCA vs. Blackhawk Chapter - Davenport Dispute. Date:Sun Jan 22 03:46:53 2012
Is anyone following the dispute between the AMCA and the local Blawkhawk Davenport chapter?

Can anyone provide details that make logical sense?

Initially, I thought that the AMCA demoted the Davenport status from being a "NATIONAL" event, to now only a "REGIONAL" event.

However, after doing some research, the way I now understand it, is that the Blackhawk chapter (not the AMCA) actually voted against keeping Davenport a NATIONAL event, and instead voted to make it a regional event only.

Why on earth, would the Blackhawk club, NOT want to keep Davenport, as a National event?

This doesnt make any sense to me.

Sort of like shooting yourself in the foot, on purpose!

Anyone know the answers?