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Subject:RE: Mystery Date:Sun Jan 22 11:26:20 2012
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Really cool.

I forwarded this photo to Serena and she confirmed the AMA membership cards (then American Motorcycle Association and now American Motorcyclist Association) are indeed the same organization and confirmed the signing officer's name. Sadly, she couldn't confirm the existence of the LA 125cc Club.

Why do you need someone to confirm the existance? The cards are real, the AMA says they are real and the signing officer's name is correct. What could someone have possibly gained in 1949 to go thru a major conterfiting scheme?

Take it for face value, instead of relying on people that probably weren't even born when that club was having it's fun !!!


I get to look at things first so I get the chance to be blown away before any one else.....and I have been blown away! I love history and when history is laid before me on a silver platter I relish it....and will never take it for grsnted. Greg Bauman sent me on a journey to gather facts...and I only got just 'so far'.....I'd love to know the entire story....and so would he. I hope our members can help solve the mystery of what he's would the AMA. Please visit ....enjoy the ride...... Dave, thank you for making this all possible.